1900s Catalog Franks Fancy Work Needlework Stamped Stencil Textile Goods

A Franks Catalog, St.Louis, of fine fancy work needlework of yesterday.  Publish for the years of 1910 and 1911, the catalog offered stencil and perforated patterns for embroidery from table and bed linens, to clothing,  and novelties for home decorating.

If the needs were sewing, Franks also had that covered.  Trim, braids and lace of all sorts and styles plus sewing notions to complete the project.  Beads too.

Oh, the fancy goods are aplenty ….I especially like these pages of the items that were available, such as a key rack, shaving pad, curling iron holder, plus pin cushions, match holder etc.  The list goes on.

Then there are the pages of lace and ribbon or knitted goods for celluloid dolls.  Absolutely charming of what could be ordered.

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