Antique 1920’s Ear Muffs Velvet Flannel Metal Headband Winter Wear

Now here is a fun pair of winter ear muffs from probably the 1920’s or perhaps even earlier.  The tabs over the ear are made of a maroon velvet plush on the outside, lined with cream flannel on the inside.  The fabric is fastened on either side to a spring steel adjustable head band.   Although the fabric is not very thick it would have offered some protection from the cold of winter outdoors.   We have heard the phrase…..necessity is the mother of invention.  It seems Chester Greenwood in 1873 was the inventor of ear muffs.  Enjoying outdoor winter activities growing up in Maine he came up with the idea of ear muffs.  Styles have changed since then but not much in the way of design.


Antique 1920's Ear Muffs Velvet Flannel Metal Headband Winter Wear



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