The items we feature here from our Antique Vintage Laces and Trims collection in our store are stunning. Beautiful trims from yesteryear, the perfect embellishment to any dress, hat, shawl, or even home decor! Ladies took the time to sew some really glorious pieces with these laces and trims, and many became the needlework experts of their day.

Find beautifully illustrated instruction books, ribbons, rosettes, embroidery thread, lace appliques, braided trim, lace trim, Battenburg lace, Art Deco beaded trim, soutache braid, darn net lace, trim for millinery, scallop trim, pattern books and more.

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1902 Dainty Work For Pleasure And Profit Book Needlework Home Decor

Dainty Work For Pleasure And Profit book dated 1904 by Thompson & Thomas, Chicago., third printing.  A book devoted to interior decoration, including needlework.  458 pages of text and illustrated drawings and photographs.  Chapters include interior decorations, fabrics for decorative purposes, implements and embroidery threads, transfers and stamping designs, embroidery stitches, application of stitches, shading of stitches, drawn work, point lace,  knitting and crocheting,  dainty work for profit, plus others.

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1920 Antique Silk Rayon Ribbon Rosette Dress Trim Yardage Crafts DIY Sewing

The 1920’s saw an outstanding presentation of the beautiful ribbon rosette trim.  This glorious type of trim in solids as well as color combinations was used extensively and not sparingly, in a lady’s boudoir from small dresser items such as powder puffs, back of mirrors and dresser trays, just to name a few, to pillows, chaise covers and lampshades.

Even many pieces of her clothing, especially underclothing (now becoming known as lingerie) exhibited beautiful rosettes and rosette trims.

The lovely piece is a delicate shade of blue “flowers with green leaves”.

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1930s Vintage Rayon Woven Ribbon Plum Mauve Blue Plaid 4 Yards Unused

A striking colored woven rayon ribbon from the vintage years of the 1930’s.  The plaid stripe color combination of a plum, mauve blue and yellow gold, is absolutely yummy. Fabulous piece for your next artistic project.

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2 Vintage Brussels Belgium Duchesse Lace Appliques Dress Sewing

A pair of vintage, never used, Brussels or Belgium lace appliques.  Lovely hand made bobbin lace in a pleasing pattern, the applique would be lovely for heirloom sewing bridal wear or other costuming.

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