The items we feature here from our Vintage Table Linens collection are a variety of stunning antique and vintage tablecloths, napkins, doilies, dresser scarves, placemats, coaster mats and more.

These table linens are exquisite works of art, some handmade, some machine made, all worthy of your attention. They are treasured pieces of home decor, either for every day or special occasions. Many would make stunning home decor gift ideas or bridal gifts for the bride who appreciates the finer things from yesteryear. Enjoy!

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Victorian 1900s Branscombe Tape Lace Table Centerpiece Doily

A discerning large centerpiece table doily in hand Branscombe tape lace. Dating from the Victorian – Edwardian era, it is a pretty piece in a floral design. Possibly a mum pattern.

Overall the doily measures 25″ in diameter including the linen center which measures 11″ diameter.  The beautiful lace edging has been machine stitched to the linen center.

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4 Vintage Madeira Organza Shadow Work Holly Motif Table Placemats

A lovely set of 4 vintage Madeira table placemats.  The oval shaped set is worked with a scallop design along the edge.  An inset of organza shadow work with a motif of holly and berry embroidery at one side of the mats.

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Antique Battenburg Tape Lace Round Tablecloth Cloth Center Victorian Edwardian

What can I say….except this is a gorgeous Battenburg tape lace tablecloth. This round cloth is 50″ in diameter, making it a perfect size for a small table or a showy centerpiece doily for a large dining table. A beautiful flowing motif of lily flowers? alternating with delicate ribbon bows.   The bows, also, alternate with some tying a flower, which looks to be a sunflower.

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Colorful Vintage Tablecloth Embroidery Butterfly Novelty Lace Edging

Here’s a fun vintage luncheon size tablecloth dating from the later 1930’s or 1940’s.  The cloth is embellished with four colorful butterflies embroidered in each of the corners.

Cute little cloth to take outdoors to dress a table for a breakfast or lunch get together.  Use it for a table topper or over another larger cloth.  Mix and match old vintage with new table linens for a delightful decorating twist.

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Victorian Edwardian 27″ Mountmellick Embroidery Table Doily M Monogram

A natural form of simplistic design, this Mountmellick embroidery table doily is extraordinary in needlework beauty. Clusters of grapes and vine encircle the inner part of the doily with the edge worked in flora with foliage.

The 27″ diameter center piece doily is also embellished with the monogrammed letter “M” situated in the middle.  Embroidered on cotton with cotton thread.  The padded embroidery work is dense with stitches, making it a discerning embroidery from the later Victorian / Edwardian era.

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Vintage 1920 1930 Oval Tablecloth Cutwork Embroidery Flora Motif 74″ Long

A lovely linen tablecloth of cutwork embroidery dating from the later 1920’s – 1930’s era.  A pretty scallop border edges the cloth.  Inside the edge a graceful scallop embroidery of small flora and leaves.  Next is three rows of small embroidery flora.  At the center of the cloth are four baskets filled with floral.

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