Vintage 1930 Lavender Chiffon Handkerchief Scarf Lace Applique Drawn Thread

A vintage late 1920’s or 1930’s silk chiffon handkerchief scarf in a pretty shade of lavender, One corner of the scarf is filled with lace appliques in a cream color. A series of drawn thread, worked in different lengths, accents … Read More

Vintage Embroidery Table Cloth Centerpiece Doily Flower Border

A lovely vintage linen tablecloth or centerpiece doily.  The round cloth is 30-1/2″ diameter in an ecru color.  A pretty border of embroidery flower sprays circle the outside edge.  The flowers are in shades of pink to a pretty shade … Read More

3 Germany Handkerchiefs Vintage 1920 Embroidery Color Hankies Unused

A set of three cotton embroidered hankies, pink, rose and yellow from the 1920’s, or 1930’s era. Each worked in the same embroidery style in different colors. The handkerchiefs are still attached to the paper inside the box bottom (no lid). … Read More