Vintage 1930’s Swedish Weaving Embroidery Towels Projects WPA Stamp Lot 7

A group of vintage 1930’s towels and unfinished projects featuring Swedish weaving, or Swedish embroidery, plus started projects of drawn and pulled thread needlework.  All founded in the same household.  One of the finished towels is stamped “Federal S.C. Not To Be Sold.  These were sample pieces provided by the WPA  ~ the government work program of the 30’s into the early 1940’s, to provide jobs for the unemployed.   Three of the towels are huck fabric while the one finger towel, a damask.  The fabric of the unfinished projects are (2) a combination of huck and damask and the other linen.


Vintage 1930's Swedish Weaving Embroidery Towels



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